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Welcome to the Tulsa WikiaEdit

Tulsa is the 2nd largest city in Oklahoma and the 47th largest city in the U.S. with an estimated population of 961,561 residents in the metropolitan area. Coined "The Oil Capital of the World" in the 1950's, the city has a rich history of art, entertainment, and progressive innovation. Tulsan's are known for being very welcoming, friendly, and conversational.


The goal of this page is to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the city and places to visitors and residents alike. All suggestions will exclude all major chain retailers and organizations with the idea to promote all local and homegrown businesses and artists within Tulsa city limits.

Currently, the most concentrated area of activity is downtown Tulsa due to the recent resurgence and promotion from the City of Tulsa. This is where you will find the majority of activities going on every day of the week and especially on nights and weekends. There are also multiple districts such as Cherry Street, Brookside, East Village, and other areas of the city that offer a unique experience. Please refer to the weekly sticky note at the top of /r/tulsa for all events going on.

Tulsa laws require every establishment that serves alcohol to close at 2:00am.

Food, Entertainment, Shopping, Living, ect.Edit

Restaurants/Food Edit

Burn Co - Arguably the best BBQ in town. Show up early before the food runs out! Video

McNellies - Two story building (downtown location) offering great food and wide selection beers. Also available as McNellies South City.

El Guapos - Tex-Mex food with an excellent roof-top balcony that offers a great view of downtown Tulsa.

Albert G’s - Mouth-watering, tender BBQ with locations on the east side of downtown and midtown.

Dilly Deli - American style food with a touch of 50's style diner.

Elote - Tex-Mex food from local farms with an indoor luchador stage.

NYC Pizza - Some of the best New York style pizza offered in the city! Locally owned by a family with NYC roots.

El Tequilas - Authentic Mexican food that will not break your budget. Extremely fulling food and margaritas that will not leave you disappointed!

Yokozuno - Recently voted one of the best places to visit nation wide for sushi with locations downtown and on the south side town.

Tallgrass Prairie - Upscale eatery using ingredients from local farms.

Prhyme - Some of the best steak in the city. Be prepared to spend some money.

Juniper - Top quality French inspired restaurant located dowtown.

Phat Phillies - Grilled steak or chicken, delicious melted cheese, and the option of onions and green peppers on a delicious bun. Also some of the best waffle fries Tulsa has to offer.

Andolinis Pizza - A favorite among the Tulsa area. Keep an eye out for their food truck that will be parked outside of events over town.

KilKenny’s Irish Pub - The most authentic Irish experience in Tulsa.

Smoke - Upscale food with a great menu.

Umbertos - Famous local pizzeria that offers pizza by the slice, whole pies, calzones, with multiple toppings to choose from.


All bars in the city are required by law to stop serving alcohol at 2:00am, although you probably will be unable to get a drink after 1:30am. Tulsa is very music friendly city so you will usually find a local/regional band playing later in the evening. Please do not drink and drive!

Prairie Pub - Awesome new brewery that offers local brewed beer and some delicious appetizers, salads, soups, sides and desserts. Great atmosphere and is a nice stop within walking distance to multiple other places in the Brady District.

The Cellar Dweller - Located in a dark basement in the south west part of downtown, this will quickly become a favorite stop. Cheap drinks, very comfortable atmosphere, and friendly staff.

Valkyrie - Homemade booze, custom drinks using fresh fruit, and a great selection of beer.

Soundpony - Cheap drinks, arcade games, great patio in back and some of the best local, regional, and touring bands the city has to offer. The bar caters to bicycle enthusiasts.

The Yeti - Cheap drinks, great outdoor patio, and a separate room that features great live music.

The Max - 80's theme establishment with arcade games, skee ball, tube televisions playing memorable movies such as Breakfast Club and mixed drinks that include pop rocks and slushies.

Fassler Hall - German themed bar with a great beer selection, giant wood tables, live music, and delicious brats and duck fat fries that make you feel like you're at Oktoberfest. The newly built outdoor area is a bonus.

Inner Circle Vodka Bar - Any vodka drink you can think of. Vodka gummie bears, sure!

Arnies - Small Irish bar in the heart of the Blue Dome district downtown.

Classic Cigars - Huge selection of fine cigars, good beer and liquor selection, and comfortable chairs and televisions everywhere including an room in the back of the building that has a large projection screen.

Caz’s - Cheap drinks, pool tables, graffiti all over the walls, and hundreds of bra's hanging from the horns of a beast over the bar. You can find the sister estabilishment across the street, Caz's Chow House for some great eatery.

Hunt Club - Good drinks, food, local music, and a multi-level deck that offers a good outdoor vibe and a good view of downtown.

The Fur Shop - Aside from all the great drinks offered, this is a very unique building with live music upstairs, a great view of downtown Tulsa from the patio and an outdoor stage for when large events are going on outside.

Lot 6 - An art bar just outside of downtown in the East Village. Very simplistic room that host art shows and the bar as a center island in the room. Live music is also an addition to many of the nights of the week.

Empire - Located on the west end of Cherry Street, this is mostly a sports bar features soccer games. They have pool tablets and a very nice outside patio.

Yellow Brick Road - Friendly LGBT bar.

The Colony - At one time, Eric Clapton & Harrison used to stop in here and play. It now host jam nights with some of the best local musicians in town!

Coffee Edit

Gypsy - Excellent coffee in an amazing old renovated building downtown that provides a comfortable atmosphere for studying, playing board games with friends, hanging out, or enjoying their open mic nights.

Foolish Things Coffee - Quiet coffee shop with breakfast, light lunch and snacks available.

Shades of Brown - Coffee, tea, and chai that also offers delicious quiche and muffins.

Chimera - Great coffee with several deserts and food. You may even run into a Hanson brother with their studio being across the street. Their menu also offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Phoenix - Gormet coffee, teas, cocktails and beers. Breads, pastries, bagels, and food until 2am.

Cherry Street Coffee House - Extremely comfortable atmosphere with great a great coffee menu and food such as quiche and desserts. It's fairly a fairly quiet place where you'll find students studying or professionals working.

918 Coffee - Hip new place on 11th street by the University of Tulsa.

Transportation Edit

Tulsa is easy to navigate around with everything being in a north/south/east/west grid, although downtown is slightly tilted in a Northeast/Southwest direction. Numbered streets go from north to south and all streets on the east side of the Arkansas river (east to west) are named after cities east of the Mississippi River and cities on the west side of the Arkansas River are named after cities west of the Mississippi River. Depending on traffic, it's easy to get from one side of the city to the other in 20-30 minutes.

Uber/Lyft - Best option for getting around the city when you don't have a vehicle. They arrive very quickly and prices are fair (no pun intended). Just use the apps on your smart phone to use the service.

Tulsa Transit - The local bus transportation across the city.

Tulsa Downtown Trolley - Every Friday & Saturday night from 5:30pm to 1:30am there is a free trolly service that gives rides across downtown.

Entertainment Edit

Circle Cinema - Best place in town to catch independent films and documentaries.

Tulsa Fair Grounds - Weekly antique shows, cat shows, dog shows, race car driving, gun shows, the annual fair at the end of each October. There are a ton of things that happen here, just check out their website.

Dustbowl Lanes - 70's theme bowling alley downtown. Show up early to reserve a lane and don't expect for computers to keep score because everything is done on pencil and paper on these 8 lanes. They also have a private bowling room with 2 lanes if you want to rent them out. Additionally, they have a bar with a lot of drink and food selections.

Safari Joe’s H20 - Small water park located in midtown. Formally "Big Splash", new owners recently took over this water park in 2016. They're promising to feature new rides including live animals in the up in coming years.

Starship Records and Tapes - This isn't just any record store, it's an experience! As soon as you walk in the door you'll probably be greeted by loud metal music. Vinyl Records, cds, tapes, live DVD's, concert tickets, and a ton of other merchandise, including a completely separate room full of "adult toys" and "tobacco smoking" paraphernalia.

Admiral Twin - Drive in movie theater with two sided screen playing 2 movies at a time.

The Loony Bin - Comedy club on the south side of Tulsa with great entertainment, that also offers food and drinks.

The Comedy Parlor - Located downtown, that hosts improv, sketch and stand-up comedy.

Shopping Edit

Dwelling Spaces - Located in the heart of the downtown Blue Dome District, this store has the best of Tulsa's local flavor.

Ida Red - Boutique store with iconic Tulsa themed merchandise and other novelties.

Make - All merchandise is made from local artists and crafters. They also host local craft classes and workshops.

Music Venues/Best Locations for Music Edit

Cain’s Ballroom - One of the top music venues in the country that hosts all genres of music. A truly unique experience that you will even hear the artists talking about. Well known for being the home of Bob Wills and one of the few venues that hosted the Sex Pistols in 1976 where Sid Vicious famously punched a hole in the wall.

Brady Theater - Built in 1914, this historical registered venue displays Tulsa's famous art-deco design and hosts some of the biggest touring names. There is no bad seat in the house at the Brady Theater.

BOK Center - Tulsa's large arena that hosts a multitude of events which was designed by architect César Pelli, who is famously known for the Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

Vanguard - Host to local and touring musicians with an up close and personal experience with the artists. They offer standing room with a raised mezzanine that will sometimes costs a little extra money.

The Yeti - Great bar that has 3 rooms including a main bar area with booth seats, a room specifically for shows that feature great local music, and a giant outdoor patio that also has a stage that features bands.

The Shrine - Outdoor patio, large bar, and nice stage that has great local, regional, and national touring acts.

Mercury Lounge - Popular rockabilly hangout at 18th & Boston with cheap drinks and a nice patio out front.

Soundpony - Catch some great local and regional bands up close and personal playing right by the front door. Great selection of beer, arcade games, and an awesome patio out back.

Hunt Club - You can see a band playing by the front door or out in their patio area. They also offer some good food and a 3 story deck that makes it a comfortable experience.

The Colony - Originally owned by Leon Russell in the 70's, Eric Clapton and George Harrison are some of the names that have graced this small place. Check out some of the best blues music in town here.

Sports Edit

Tulsa Roughnecks (Soccer)

Tulsa Oilers (Hockey)

Tulsa Drillers (Baseball)

Outdoors Edit

Oxley Nature Center - Located in the beautiful Mohawk park, Oxley offers several nature paths to walk around.

Red Bud Nature Reserve - A branch of Oxley, another great location to hike.

Turkey Mountain - Nestled on the west side of the Arkansas River it's perhaps one of Tulsa's favorite places to hike.

Chandler Park - Beautiful park with picnic areas, Frisbee golf courses and gigantic boulders to hike between located on the north side of the park.

Guthrie Green - An extremely popular park downtown that is only the size of a square block. However, don't let the size fool you. Guthrie Green currently hosts some of the most popular events downtown including live concerts, art festivals, children's events, and movie nights on a projection screen.

A Gathering Place (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) - Soon to be one of the biggest and most modern parks in the entire US, it's currently under construction with an opening date of 2017. Here's a great article about some of the equipment being engineered in Germany.

Annual Festivals Edit

Mayfest - Each year vendors from all around the country congregate downtown for art, music, and food.

Blue Dome Festival - Similar to Mayfest, this event is held at the same time in the Blue Dome District that offers a more local flavor.

Oktoberfest - A popular long lasting German themed festival held on the west bank of the Arkansas River. Believe it or not this is one of the top ten Oktoberfest held around the world. Beer, food, beer-pong, wiener dog races, polka lessons and sessions, beer keg races, and much more. 

Rock'n'Rib Festival - Hosted in September and located right next to the BOK Center on 3rd street, sample some of the best BBQ and Ribs from award winning vendors from all over the country.

Winter Fest - Another event hosted on downtown on 3rd street next to the BOK Center, they offer an outdoor ice-skating rink, food, and horse carriage rides.

The Hop Jam - Hosted by Tulsa's own Hanson brothers, there are a lot of craft beers, food, music, and a performance by Hanson themselves.

Hotels Edit

Campbell Hotel - Located along the historic Route 66 (11th Street), each room is uniquely designed with Tulsa/Oklahoma themes.

Aloft - Two locations with one being in south Tulsa and most notably one located downtown in the former City Hall building within walking distance to the BOK Center, Convention Center, and everywhere else downtown.

Double Tree - Popular hotel to stay at when events such as ComiCon, concerts, or other events are held downtown.

Hyatt Regency - Located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, you are walking distance to all the wonderful places in the Blue Dome District, BOK Center, Cains Ballroom, and many other places.

The Mayo - An upscale and historical building that you can find celebrities staying at while they're in town. Much like everywhere downtown, it's within walking distance to many popular places.

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